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RSTP e-Training FAQs

What is moodle?
Moodle is a learning management system which we are using to bring you various RSTP training courses online.

Are there specific browser specifications required for moodle?
Moodle is compatible with most modern Web browsers including Internet Explorer 7.x and 8.x, Firefox 3.x and later, and Safari 5.x. (Please note that some Moodle functions will not work with some browsers). Newer browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9.x and Google Chrome, have not been thoroughly tested. For Moodle to function correctly, it is recommended that the following requirements be met:

  1. Pop-ups are enabled;
  2. Cookies are enabled; and,
  3. Java is installed, up-to-date and enabled.

To detect whether you have Java or need an update, please go to By clicking “Free Java Download” on the page, the site will also help you determine if you have the latest version of Java installed. Please configure your browser settings based on the instructions available on the support website of your browser.

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How does the training course work online?
All course materials are posted in the course dashboard, within each module. You will need to watch any provided videos, complete the reading materials and activities,  complete the quiz for each module, and then attempt the final exam. As you complete the quizzes, the etraining system will track your course progress and scores. Your quizzes are automatically corrected and a score is provided to you after you have submitted the quiz. The final exam will be manually graded by the RSTP etraining staff.

Can I share the online training course with other friends and colleagues? To maintain the integrity of the program and allow the tracking of learning progress for an individual student, we ask that you do not share your course login information. Instead, we encourage others to register directly with us.

How do I access a course?
If you have been enrolled in the course, it will appear under "My courses". If a particular course is available for enrollment, you can choose to self-enroll, and will receive a confirmation of enrollment within 24 hours, M-F.

How do I get back to the course dashboard?
Use the left-side navigation and select the "SAH101EN" menu item. Avoid using the ‘back’ button of your browser!

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Where has the course module content gone?
You have probably clicked on the tile to hide/reveal the Module content. To reveal the modules content you'll need to click on the Module tile again.

Do I have to complete the course in one sitting?
No, you can sign out and login in as many times as you want until you are finished, however the final exam will need to be done in one sitting.

Is there a time limit for this course?
Yes, there is a certain time limit for all courses. Your enrollment expires when the application submission period for becoming a SAH closes.

Why is there a time limit for completing a course? 

Our online courses are most effective when taken within the timeframes we allow for the program. Prolonging the course completion period reduces the continuity of course content and lowers retention ability, making your online training experience less effective.

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What is a module?
In this context, the courses are divided into modules with specific topics, which each contain reading materials, activities and a quiz.

Am I able to jump between modules and module sub-topics?
Yes. You can navigate from module to module via the left side bar navigation menu, or by clicking on each of the course dashboard tiles. when accessing the readings, you can move from chapter to chapter by using the right side table of contents navigation menu.

Can I download the readings?
You can print the readings from within a module by clicking on the printer icon on the top right corner of the moodle page.

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What happens when I am finished with the readings?
You may want to take the quiz while the material you have just reviewed is still fresh in your mind. Find the link to the quiz from the last sub-topic (chapter) in the module/unit or from the course outline.

How do I access a quiz?
You can access a quiz from within a module tile by clicking on the link to the quiz.

How much time do I have for the quiz?
There is no time limit set for the quiz. Once you click ‘submit’ your answers will be logged and cannot be changed. If you wish to return to the quiz without submitting, click on ‘save’.

How do I know if my quiz answers were correct?
You will be automatically provided with the correct answers once you submit the quiz.

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How can I interact with other course participants?
Depending on the course you are enrolled in, you may or may not be required to collaborate with other course participants. For this e-training course, there is no group work requirement. 

How can I get a certificate?
You must successfully obtain a 60% passing grade on the final exam and for the course over-all grade. You must also spend a minimum of six hours working on the readings and activities overall.

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Last modified: Thursday, 26 May 2022, 2:59 PM
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