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Women at Risk Program (AWR)

The Women-at-Risk Program (AWR) is designed to offer resettlement opportunities to women in:
  • perilous or permanently unstable situations; and
  • in situations where urgent or expedited processing is necessary.

  Women eligible under this program may:

  • not have the resettlement potential usually required by applicants under the Convention Refugee Abroad class or Country of Asylum class;
  • be marginalized or alienated in their communities;
  • be vulnerable to the threat of rape, other forms of violence to themselves or to their children;
  • be in such critical situations that urgent processing is required;
  • require help because their ability to start a new life is hampered by:
    • young dependent children;
    • poor ability to communicate in either official language; or
    • the lack of skills necessary for employment.
      In many cases, women eligible under the AWR and their dependent children:
    • experience more difficulties in resettling than other classes of refugees;
    • will require a Joint Assistance Sponsorship; and 
    • will need a longer period to become integrated and established in Canada.