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The terms and definitions in this glossary are from the Dictionary of Terms produced by the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program.

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OP 17 - Loans

OP 17 LOANS outlines the procedures for determining eligibility and approving loans and contributions, making alternative arrangements, counselling loan applicants and administering the loan forms; it has undergone various updates, the most recent of which occurred in May 2014.

This chapter covers how to determine the eligibility of applicants to receive:

  • admissibility loans;
  • assistance loans;
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) loans; and
  • transportation loans.

This chapter also discusses:

  • the collection of loan payments; and
  • how to complete the IMM forms.


A chapter of the IRCC Overseas Processing Manual that provides an understanding of the process for judicial reviews of decisions made under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for which no specific right of appeal exists. This chapter deals specifically with overseas files that are subject to judicial review.


A chapter of the IRCC Overseas Processing Manual that explains the policy and procedures for the refugee resettlement program abroad including the selection of government-assisted refugees (GARs) and privately sponsored refugees (PSRs).


Refers to the One Year Window of Opportunity provision. This is a regulatory mechanism that allows non-accompanying family members to submit an application and be eligible to be processed in the same class and category as the principal applicant (PA) for up to one year following the PA's arrival in Canada. All family members must be identified on the PA's application form. For more details refer to Paragraph 141(1) (b) of IRPR, IP3 and OP5.

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