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The terms and definitions in this glossary are from the Dictionary of Terms produced by the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program.

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Landing (Landed Status)

Means lawful permission to establish permanent residence in Canada .

Letter of Approval (LOA)

A letter signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the SAH, permitting a CG or cosponsor to enter into an undertaking to sponsor refugees on its behalf.

Limited individual agreement

 A sponsorship agreement that establishes a limitation on the number of persons the SAH or its CGs can undertake to sponsor for a specific length of time.  All Limited Individual Agreements include an expiry date.

Local Integration

Local integration is a durable solution and refers to a refugee's integration in their country of asylum. Refugees are considered to be locally integrated in the country of refuge if they have rights similar to those of citizens such as: they can move around the country freely; they are allowed to earn a living; their children are allowed to attend school; there is no threat of refoulement, etc.


Includes suitable accommodation, basic furniture and other household essentials.

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