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The terms and definitions in this glossary are from the Dictionary of Terms produced by the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program.

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For Convention refugees abroad and members of the country of asylum class, admissibility includes both the statutory requirements (medical, security, criminality) and an assessment of applicants ability to establish themselves successfully in Canada.

Admissibility Loan

Refugees selected for resettlement are required to pay their own cost of medical exams and travel. The admissibility loan is a loan issued by a visa officer overseas to eligible applicants to help them pay for their medical exams and other processing costs.


Permission to come into Canada as an immigrant or as a visitor.


The particular agreement that an individual SAH signed with IRCC.


The person making an application for permanent residence.

Assistance Loan

This loan is assessed and issued by a visa officer in Canada after the arrival of the refugee. It is designed to help the refugee with living expenses associated with the basic needs of life, basic household needs, i.e. deposits for telephone or last months rent, or labour market access.

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