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A Notification of Arrival Transmission (NAT) advises the sponsor and/or Service Provider Organization (SPO), and the Port of Entry (POE) of the date of arrival and flight details of the refugee, and of pertinent details such as the names of sponsors, onward travel arrangements to final destinations, and special needs (e.g., wheelchair required), etc. NATs are required to maintain accurate statistics and are sent for all refugees. They include:
  • point of origin;
  • port of entry;
  • date of arrival;
  • flight details; 
  • special requirements; and
  • identification of special programs such as OYW or blended initiative.

NGO-Government Committee on the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (NGO-Gov't Committee)

A committee of elected SAH representatives and appointed IRCC representatives established in 1994 to provide an ongoing consultative mechanism for program partners in support of the PSRP. The committee is intended to be a facilitative mechanism and does not limit the avenues through which representations may be made of issues of concern to any interested party.

Non-accompanying family member

A non-accompanying family member is defined as a dependent family member of a refugee who is separated from the family unit due to circumstances beyond his/her control and is unable to travel with the principal applicant. [Refer to Section 141 of IRPR.]