Courses under this category are specifically created to train staff  belonging to settlement service providing organizations (aka Settlement Professionals) on the Private Sponsorship of Refugee's (PSR) Program.

06 Nov - 17 Dec 2023 (EN)
This course is intended for settlement service professionals and other settlement service providers who work with privately sponsored refugees and their sponsors. The objectives of this course are to provide you with essential information about private sponsorship in general, and to assist you in navigating the unique relationships between settlement professionals, privately sponsored newcomers, and their sponsors.

This is a self-study course, which means that you can go through the course materials at your own pace, at a time that works for you. However, you must complete all readings, quizzes, and the final exam within 6 weeks of enrolling in the course. For an enhanced learning experience, there are also weekly online discussion forums and video chat sessions where you can interact with the other students and the course facilitator.

Progressing through each of the five modules of the course, you will learn how integral your role is in supporting successful refugee sponsorships. Each module contains essential readings, videos and activities, as well as a quiz, an online discussion forum, and a link to the weekly video chat session. The modules also include a list of additional resources that you may wish to review.

The course modules are as follows:
  1. Overview of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees
  2. The Role of Sponsors (includes sponsor responsibilities)
  3. Rights, Responsibilities, and Expectations of Privately Sponsored Newcomers
  4. IRCC Program Assurance
  5. The Role of Settlement Workers in Private Sponsorships
Course Duration in Hours: 10
Skill Level: Beginner | Débutant